Silkway 747 landing in dublin last night!

I was so exited when I heard that this was coming!!!
Camera: canon4000D 18-55mm lens

And heres some more photos from last night (in the lashing rain)!!!

Hope u enjoyed!!


Nice photos - yeah the weather in the UK/Ireland yesterday was….interesting to say the least…

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Beautiful pictures 😍

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That’s one way of putting it! Thanks alot!!

Thanks alot mate!!

Wow those are some shots, love the livery on that Sillway 747. How did you get the shots so crisp with an 18-55mm?

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Wow. Great! Love a 747 always everyday baby. Also an A350 and 777

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The motion blur 😍

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I was thinking over and over, wind 360 at 35 gusting to 45, clear to land, 27L the whole time yesterday

Great photos!
P. S. Didn’t know Ireland was affected too

Nice pans!

Yeah ik! It was soooooo cool!!! Now all we need to do is persuade aer lingus to get a 747!

Thanks! Lightroom!

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Thanks alot!

Nice pictures. I like the Aer Lingus ATR one

Thanks alot! And yea its rly nice!!

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