Silkair Boeing 737-800

Picture isn’t mine
Credits to @Woodys Aeroimages
Share your thoughts about the livery here :D

  • Yes, I would like to see this livery
  • Nah, I don’t like it

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Not to be confused with another Topic with almost same title (Click here), this topic is requesting the “Standard” livery. Not the special livery


As SilkAir currently began replacing A320s with B738s, I think this will be a nice feature imho

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Maybe you have forgotten, but do keep in mind that the category is based on likes and not votes!

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Yeah, That’s why I don’t use Polls on my newer requests. But I can’t edit this post unfortunately

Great and whatever but please stop bumping your topic


Well this still haven’t gotten added but I hope that this will one day be added.

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I use to see these all the time flying out of YPDN Darwin International!

You have my vote!! :)

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Not to forget about the newly deliver max 8 too.

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I love SILKAIR B737-800. I vote for it


Omg FDS pls add this! Just caught this beauty at BDO today


I like this livery, the only thing is that I won’t fly it often.

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Nice shoot. Which runway he’s back taxi?
Do you shoot it near old building?


FDS really! Really need to add this.

Let’s turn the focus more on Asian Airlines/Livery’s instead of European or American Airlines/Livery’s.

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A bump! (10)

This would be great too!