SilkAir A320

This is the A320, not the existing A319.

SilkAir currently only has 4 A319s. I think it’ll be better include the A320 which SilkAir has 11.
Feel free to leave your comments about it and like this if you feel that this should be in the game. Deeply appreciated!
Not my photo.


Appropriate Reg: 9V-SLK :D

The one in the picture is 9V-SLC. I’ll go hunt for 9V-SLK. Maybe they don’t even have…

Have what… No meh?

Have, surprisingly. Gonna update.

I would love B737-800 silkair more

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Not as common as the A320 though

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me to! 737-800 more

Singapore & Kuala needs all Aircraft typs family, then there are Big International Airports.

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Yea looking forward to all of them…


Yes for Silkair A320!

It’s funny how @sniperguy135 bumps your threads and you bump his threads LOL

Can’t wait for the day when you two come together to open a venture VA (aka NokScoot) :P

Best reg ftw 9V-SLK!

The Regional Wing of Singapore Airlines <3

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9V-SLK and 9V-JSA :p

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Sorry for bumping an old topic but we need this! If FDS does add this, I would love the reg to be 9V-SLS

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