Silk Way West livery 747-400F

I know this isn’t on the deva priority list, but as said in many other requests IF needs more cargo liveries! My request is the Silk Way West cargo livery. This is a very nice livery that in my opinion resembles the British Airways logo!

The 747-400F and 747-800F is this airlines aircraft in use. Silk Way is a private cargo airline. This airline flies to over 40 destinations worldwide! Here is a picture for you guys!


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Please leave a vote if you feel this is a good idea and let me know if this is a duplicate because I found no topics related to this.

nice idea, I don’t have any votes though, I’m sorry.

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May I ask which variant this is for? You are to include the aircraft and variant to avoid confusion.

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Oh sorry! 747-400F and the 747-800F is their fleet

Correct me if im wrong, but I think you have to vote for your own topic.

Okay, but which variant are you requesting? The -8f is already requested. Since the pic a -400f, it’s fine but please specify. Plus, one feature for request.

It’s not a requirement but it helps.


Sorry this my first time doing one of these

No worries, after a couple edits, you’ll be fine.

Silk Way is a great name for an airline, I’m all for more cargo liveries :)

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Definitely freeing up a vote for this. One of my favorite liveries.

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I changed the title to 8F

Thank you! Much appreciated

That one is a duplicate unfortunately, plus the picture is of a -400.

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I know! I’m starting to do more now!

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Sorry wrong plane 🤦‍♂️ Changed to 400F

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Thank you, now this can be left alone from excessive moderation.

Back on topic, it’s a swanky livery. I don’t have votes but that’s something I wanna see.

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I know! I just discovered it on FlightRadar24 the other day