Silk Air to move it's grounded 737 MAX's to Alice Springs

Silk Air, Singapore Airlines regional offshoot. It operates 300 flights a week to 41 destinations around Asia and is one of the most reputable airlines in the region. However, unfortunately, like many others, it has been caught up in the 737 MAX drama.

The airline announced on Friday that due to Boeing not releasing any dates on the software fix that has been poised to “fix” the MAX that it will move it’s 6 737 MAX’s to Alice Springs, Northern Territory. The move has been approved by Australia’s civil aviation authority (CASA) after Silk Air needed somewhere warm and dry to store the plagued aircraft. They will be ferried from Singapore one by one to Alice Springs, and the flights are expected to take about 5 hours. Due to the MAX grounding, they have been forced to keep some of their old A319’s and A320’s to maintain a regular schedule. Alice Springs provides a low humidity place for aircraft to be stored and you’d have to think that more airlines may follow suit

Alice Springs Airport, where the aircraft will be stored full image credit


Interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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Can’t wait to see this on FR24

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