Silk Air 737

Hello, this is my first topic on features, so bare with me if I get something wrong

I think that the SilkAir 737-800 should be in infinite flight, it is such a clean livery and I dunno why but I just love it, it is also the back bone of the SilkAir fleet!


Would it be more logical if instead of Silkair being added, Singapore Airlines gets added since they already took the Silkair 737s?
Don’t get me wrong this would be nice


They didn’t take them all, most of them are still with SilkAir

But thanks for sharing your opinion!


I’d love for SilkAir to be added!

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Sadly there ain’t no more SilkAir. Will remember them taking me on trips to Phuket, Koh Samui, Cebu. I have no more votes, I’ll see if I can free up one for this.

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will be taken over by Singapore Airlines

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Thank you so much!

@Carloslikesplanes23 this would be a good route to do from Cairns to Singapore if the Silk Air 737 was ever added

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