Silhouettes and Gradients

I didn’t take many screenshot, I was more into videos this year. However when I did take them, I knew the result would look nice to the eyes.

As you will see, most of them are taken during my many military flights. Honestly, they offer so many unique situations that just wait to be seen from other angles. Needless to say live replay changed my way to fly, I no longer have to do gymnastics in order to get a nice shot. I can do my flights peacefully and then come back to the file once landed.

Today I share “backlit” shots. They allow for magnificent silhouettes and gradients. I hope you will like them !

On route to Iran with a fresh 77W of Emirates

Low speed and high AOA to intercept a Cub on cruise above England

Short before exiting London FIR, taken from the cockpit of an United 777

Cargolux Virtual 747-8 resting after a 9 hours flight to Atlanta

Air France A380 crossing the Channel

Formation Flying on a BBJ on its way to the US

I hope you liked my selection, I’ll come soon enough with some black & white I made last week.

Have an amazing 2021, stay safe


This pic looks like real life!


It was the goal, glad I reached it :^)

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