Silent night at Madrid

It’s 5:00 in the morning @ Madrid and a Evelop Airlines A350-900 silently rests at the gate waiting for its assignment which will come in the next 2 hours or so. All is quiet… for now… but pretty soon, this airport will be bustling with ATC as the time nears 0600Z.

Route information:

Departure Airport: Madrid (LEMD)

Arrival Airport: TBD

Aircraft: Airbus A350-900 (Evelop)

Duration: N/A

Server: Expert

Time of screenshot: 11:15PM CST Chicago.


Nice one! 👍


Awesome job 👍

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What a beautiful plane! Nice stars and moon pic too!

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In my honest opinion, I love low cost & charter airlines. Seems like they get the less attention here than the big mainline fleet.

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Thanks man! Hope to see you in the air sometime today! ;)

Thanks! I haven’t posted a night shot here yet! 😇🌃

Any update on where you are flying?

Nice pic 😀 enjoy the flight✈


Confirmed KJFK! Pic will be up shortly!