Sikorsky MH-60 Jayhawk

Here’s my request for a helicopter… It’s not a black hawk but a Jayhawk. This helicopter is used by the Coast guard and if we were to have it in IF this would be amazing so please free up a vote if you want it. Here are the specs.

Picture credit Wikipedia

It can fly a crew of 4 up to 300 miles
Normal cruising speed is 155 to 161 mph 135 to 140kn and can reach up to 180kn if needed to.
It is a multi purpose dual engine helicopter used by the coast guard for many things like search and rescue and law enforcement.
That’s it please free up a vote for this I would love to see this helicopter in action with the USCG livery it would also be a great edition to the USCG virtual. Even if it had a horrible cockpit and all I really wouldn’t care just have a nice outside and that’s all.

I’d vote if I could but I can’t. But I already know @RotorGuy probably will


Great request, you got a vote!! Coasties are awesome!

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Be nice to see helicopters on Infinite Flight!


I second that statement.

For me, helicopters would be honestly be amazing, even though i love long hauls i’d fly the living hell out of a helicopter, it’d add a lot of realism, flying them, and would actually take skill.
As for the request unfortunately i am out of votes and can’t clear any up, but if/when i can expect me to be voting for this.


We finally started our helicopter division on our VA I am involved with. We so far have three full time pilots who only want to fly them I think theres a good market for them but thats me


Yea, i am 100% sure it’s not just you🙂


Wait what do you mean helicopter division? Like if IF adds helicopters someday it will come in affect


I hope they consider helicopters after the A350 Triple 7 and c172 come out…