Signing up for a event, then not showing up

I do agree that everyone has their own commitments out of IF, but I believe that a quick note to the organizers would help a lot. Be aware that some routes are limited; you have the slot so others can’t take it, but you back out 5 mins before the event started. Is this fair for others? And I am very sure that by planning ahead of schedule (a week, three days or even a day prior), ask your parents/yourself: Are there other commitments that I have to do tomorrow? If not, I will be flying during this period of time. If you have something else to do, cancel it so others can have a chance to have your slot. It is only that 30 minutes of your time, there are no requirements for you to be active during the flight (to those who fly short hauls, bear in mind you can get a long haul as well; 20-30 mins is all you need).

In conclusion, be aware of your schedule; if you are (or might be) busy that day, don’t sign up/sign up last minute. If you did sign up, please do your very best to join the event. It is not the best option to just quit last minute, neither being absent during event. A quick look into your schedule helps the entire IF.

Good day and safe flights,
Aaron (PlaneLife2018)

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It’s the worst. When I make events I just make the event, then I give a supervisor to head the event in the occasion I cannot show up. One time I got 76 signups and 50 showed up. That’s a big number yes, but only 5 people said they could not go. It doesn’t truly bother me, but it is annoying. I hope you have better experiences in the future.


I don’t think I’ve attended to one of your events yet, so I don’t know your routines on making event PMs. These are great reminders to attendees that the event is soon in the skies. Generally speaking, this should be made 2-3 days prior, so less active members on the forum have a chance to notice that the event is starting in a couple of days. Sometimes when the event is made long before the departure date, attendees may forget they signed up and do need a reminder a while before

The organizers as well as the attendees do both have some responsibility when it comes to showing up. I’ve been at multiple events where event PMs have been made hours before the event…


I completely understand that there are many real life situations which of course is prioritised over Infinite Flight.

It’s more about people not saying anything at all about not being able to come and just keeping silent which can be annoying. Instead, I would prefer a “I’m not able to come as [reason]”.

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Personally, I really enjoy when the event planner sends a group PM, to remind everyone of the event. I had someone send an reminder message a day in advance for a flyout. It reminded everyone that there was an event, and gave the people who weren’t coming, an opportunity to cancel their spot. It was a great idea.


Of course. This makes things better for both pilots and organisers. I do make event reminders, but maybe I should do it earlier to give them more time.

People have lives. I mean, they aren’t going to sign up and then not show up on purpose.

I’m guilty of this, because it’s hard to plan my life three months in advance. I was for sure going to be attending, and then 2 minutes before it starts, my dad tells me it’s time to head out to dinner.

Stuff happens, and it’s called life.

Infinite Flight should not shape your daily life.

This is probably a different opinion than most of you here, but I want to show my feelings about the subject. 😊

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I think what he’s trying to convey is that we all understand life happens. Happens to all of us. But letting the event organizer know that something happened is key instead of just dipping out and not saying anything when you leave, or even after the event ends.


Yes, thanks Rocco!

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