Signing out when controlling

Hey all, I’m an IFATC and when Im controlling I need to optimize my phone because my RAM reaches to 81% but normally it must be to 68% when Im playing the game so I use 360 Security to Optimize without needing to exit the game. What I would like be fixed is when I optimize I don’t want to be signed out as a controller because planes don’t sign back to the frequency and I have to send on guards and recieve new messages.


I also have this issue when I am controling on the training server

Generally it’s an issue when controlling

My game crashes after controling for like 20 minutes. But on Live without controlling everything is fine.

Shouldn’t this be in #support?

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No because is sth that needs to be fixed

MaxSez: @JV69… interesting and it explains a lot. Though some of you IFATC where just incompetent. Appeared a phone is incompatible with the requirement. Suggest you buy a Pad.

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