Signing Into Pro Subscription Crashing

Whenever I try to sign into my Pro Account via Google, Infinite Flight crashes. This wasn’t happening yesterday. I do have an active sub and I’m on a stable wifi connection. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

I know you know to do this, but have you tried restarting your device and reinstalling IF?

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Yep, I did both. Multiple times actually.

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In that case, I’m not sure. I was having some issues with signing in earlier, but waiting a bit did the trick. It might be an issue on their side - I don’t think I can be of any more help at the moment!

I appreciate your help! I may just have to wait a little while and hope for the best.

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Do you mind if I ask what method you are using to sign in? (facebook, google)

Sorry, I should’ve included that. I’m using Google.

Do you have another account that you use for school that is on your device? I used to have an issue where infinite flight would automatically use my school email to log in, which doesn’t work with a lot of accounts.

I don’t use my school emails for Infinite Flight. I always select my general Gmail account.

Try clearing all of the browsing data for safari and try again. Settings - Safari - Clear history and browsing data

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Hey, great news! I re-started my phone and I guess the 3rd time is the charm, it worked! Thanks for the help @Reedgreat and @SWNelson :)