Signing in to live

Today I got my new Samsung tablet. I downloaded infinite flight and when I try to log in to live with my gmail it takes me to the Internet, saying that it has security problems.

Hello and welcome. Could you please send a screenshot of the message you receive so we can figure out how to best help you.

Can you please provide us with what device and software update you´re on (e.g.; Samsung Note 4, Android 7.3.2)
Also, make sure you have the latest Infinite Flight version, as there has been previous issues with logging in using Google.

Thank you!

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Will do. Taking one now.

As said above a “hotfix” has been rolled out recently to fix an issue like this. Best of luck

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Please let us know if the HotFix solved your issue so if it didn’t, we can continue to help you solve your issue :)

Make sure you have the latest version available of Infinitw Flight available, that should fix your issue.

As you can see here, there has been an issue before, on earlier versions.

It’s probably a known issue, since it has been reported before -

I’ve tried those solutions and it still doesn’t work.

Which device and software version do you use? Please provide these, as I’ve already stated above.

Assuming this have been solved for the users as there have been no response for 4 days :)