Signage: On The Gate Tarmac

This is not a repeated topic
Taxi way signs are totally different to what I am asking for.

I noticed many airports have their gates numbers on the tarmac. This might alleviate any graphics issues with 3D signs. It could give an indication of what gate (and some case even terminal) you are entering.

Drop a like if you think this is a cool idea even for the short term or in combination with proper signage.


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Example from Basel Airport in Switzerland / France


That’s what I want but I couldn’t find the photo…


Please refrain from posting more than one picture on a feature request. Thank you :)

If you wish to share more photos, just link them.

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I did link them. ;p


@Thomas_Oehrling’s picture doesn’t add up to the storage, it should be fine.


Gate numbers on the tarmac is a big no-no when it comes to airport editing… :)

Um why? You have to elaborate if you say scandalous things like that ;p


Just type up a number on each gate’s taxiway and you’re done! But it would take a little while…

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Yup :p well gotta make sure you guys are working don’t we

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Because there’s no easy way to do it in WED… You would need to hand draw it, and even then you’d need to do it using a taxiway tool, which is… well… Not good. Not to mention that they would all look different…


But if we want to be realistic a lot of airports have this and you shouldn’t not do it because your a little lazy ;p

Listen - it’s not just my opinion, we aren’t allowed to do it. The reasons i stated is only one of many. Text doesn’t render properly, so you wouldn’t be able to see what the number is anyways. Plus you aren’t able to control the width of the taxiway, so the numbers would be all bloated

It’s worth discussing maybe people have ideas.

Well, you could make another software which allows for proper rendering of text :) The devs haven’t made the software we use for making airports, it’s made by Laminar Research (which also made X-plane). So it’s not possible to accomplish :)

@Thomas_Oehrling We used to do it but Philippe ruled against it as it apparently caused performance issues having lots of nodes being drawn. Also an issue we get is that drawing small lines they can render badly in IF (wonky) meaning they look awful.

But I would love a different solution in the future :)

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Paris Beauvais-Tillé Airport (LFOB) has numbers in IF.


I was just going to comment that.

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I’ll add on to what Mats said:

Technically, it is possible, but it has not been implemented within IF yet. This would require the use of different (potentially custom) textures which we don’t support at this time.

It’s not a case of being “a little lazy” (I invite you to join the airport editing team and see the dedication of some of the guys - you’ll be proved wrong) ;-)

The alternative is drawing these out using taxiway lines. However, this is a “hack” - it’s not neat and very inconsistent (we have experimented in the past) - we do not accept airport with these fixtures drawn with taxiway lines for this reason.

TL;DR: it’s doable, just not supported by IF (or by the airport editing team) at this time. Valid feature request that can stay :)