Sign Up won't Work.


I bought the Game last Day and i want to Play online. Now the problem:

Every Time when i go on fly online IT Takes a Lot of time and then i can click on sign up with Google. Then There just stood Check the Internet ect or contact the support. So I cant sign up or in. Im Sad about IT because i payed 5 Euros.
Help please :)

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Can you confirm that you have a Google account to sign in with, and you know the log in details?

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Yes. I have an account. Im logged in with IT on this page

What device are you using?

Just to clear up some things because I’m unsure of the exact issue your asking.

Do you have any/stable internet connection when trying to sign up to Google?

Is this the error you are getting?

If you confirmed you have an internet connection and the error above is what you are seeing then you could possibly try resetting your router to see if maybe your router was slow for some reason.

Yes thats the issue. Is it possible that my Phone is just too slow? Samsung Galaxy s5 Mini xD lol

I will try to turn off and on the Router and then ill try it again.


The Galaxy S5 Mini does not support the more recent version of Infinite Flight. That is why you’re unable to sign up for a subscription I’m afraid.

If you go to “About” in the app, the version listed in the top left corner is 16.3.xxxx, right?

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Yes you are right. I will have a New Phone the next time… are Xoaomis Supported?

It depends on the model, but generally… yes :)

The minimum requirements we have is Android 5.0 and OpenGL ES 3.0 support.

So I wanted to buy the xiaomi Mi 8.
I think It has more than Android 5.0 but what is OpenGL?

OpenGL is a hardware feature related to the graphics processor. The device you’re suggesting supports it so it shouldn’t be any problems with that device :)

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