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I have been a member of Infinite Flight for over 2 years now but when I tried out the 20.2 beta testing it worked. However I logged back on to the 20.2 beta and it said I was logged out, so I hit get pro and hit “I already have an account” then I realized I couldn’t log in with my Apple ID can someone please help.

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What is the error message shown when you try to login with your Apple ID?

Welcome to the community! Maybe restart the app and btwtne main update is coming out soon. Hopefully it will be fixed then

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No, all open beta related questions should go to #open-beta, not #support.

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Nice of us to shove this into a new community member’s face, eh? Chillax and let the user respond, for goodness sake.


Yeah you’re right

There used to be on the login screen that it said log in with Apple I tried all of my google accounts too

And this is proof that I have the subscription to infinite flight pro

Purchases made with an Apple ID won’t work in the Open Beta unless your account is linked with Google or Facebook.

However, we are rolling out the iOS update shortly to the App Store so once you update this, it should recognise your account and log you in without issue. Let me know if you’re still having issues after updating


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