Sightseeing above Raja Ampat @ WASS - 310745DEC19

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Hello community, have a nice day! Today I will take you on a tour over the Raja Ampat islands. Raja Ampat is one of the districts in the province of West Papua, Indonesia. This capital district is located in Waisai. The district has 610 islands, including the Raja Ampat islands. Four interesting sites, namely Misool Island, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo, are big islands.

Sounds interesting right? if you are willing to join in because the Gate is limited!

  • Aircraft and Livery: TBM-930 any livery

  • Route: WASS - WASS

  • Time of Departure: 2019-12-31T07:45:00Z

  • Server: Expert (Server is subject to change by request)

  • Additional Information:
    Because in that area to make a flight plan is quite limited, so I will not set the FPL. You just need to follow me, with the distance between planes rather close. And it is expected for those of you who want to come to regulate fuel for 45 minuted. If the gate for GA aircraft has all been used, please use the usual Gate
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Start in 30 minutes!


Sorry guys, this is incorrect. changed to 45 minutes of flight time.

Can I still join??

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Also I’m still on like Training server so lol

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Sure, im still waiting for someone, but we’re just delayed :)

ye ok but it’s in training server yes?

I’m waiting but I don’t see you

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wait really?

you can still join I’m pretty sure.

Sure, you can join now.
@Wookie1, sorry im spawning now…

Ok I’m already in.

I’m on training server not expert

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Does anyone wants to come along? We’re still Parked, and will start pushing back in 5 minutes from this reply


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Okay, Taxiing to runway 27… i will take off first

@Wookie1, can you copy my FPL, i uncontrolled airport as stop over airport then continue back to departure airport

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Ok @ouzi go a little slow so I can catch up.

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@Wookie1 , be careful theres a little hill on final, continue landing and immidiately hit brakes after touchdown, also we’ll Refuel and back to WASS. Pull over no taxiways here lol, in real life there are many

Hey @ouzi I’ll be afk for 10 mins if you could wait at the airport.

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Sure i’ll wait, tell me if your’re ready :).

Ok let’s go!

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