Sierra Air Virtual | Offical Thread

Proud to be a part! We are planning something really cool guys!

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Congrats to all of the new staff members! Benjamin Wayman(@Benjamin_Wayman) is our coo, MrAlaska(@MrAlaska) is our Chief Pilot, and Swiss001(@Swiss) is our Social Media Manager and recruiter!


When filling out the form to enter, please do not put your callsign, put your Infinite flight community username. We have now added an email section in the application to ensure that we can stay in contact with our applicants.

Sierra Air is Proud to Present the first

im looking forward to being able to join soon!

We have now added live chat on our website which allows you to get interviews! This way you can get your results in minutes! Just go to and check if it says “We’re online!”. If it says that we are offline, please fill out the form on the webpage.

Please welcome our new chief pilot, @Jack_IF!

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Good luck on your VA
Sincerely everyone at tailwinds flying club :)

Good looking VA can’t wait to join!

Hello Everyone. Im excited to announce that we are adding KDFW as an official hub for Sierra VA. KDFW will be exciting for Sierra as the geographical position brings lots of route opportunities to the table. @Michigan_Red and myself have been working on this for a couple weeks now. I hope everyone is as excited as I am for the new base.
Happy Flying
Nerdy Nick

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The invite link to the slack has expired, and we now have a new link. If the link that was sent to you did not work, please pm me and I will give you the correct link.

Due to the holidays, and a few issues, the applications have been delayed. However, the interviews are working great so if possible, use those(We do interviews using live chat)! We will continue reviewing applications soon.

Sierra Air is planning another event!

Applications and live chat are now back up! We have already replied to a few applications will continue responding!

Sierra Air Virtual now has a blog! (Where announcements, news, and updates will be posted. You can also comment suggestions.)

Sierra Air Virtual is looking into new aircraft in our fleet! Message us with any suggestions!

The routes for Sierra Air Cargo are live on our website! We are now accepting applications for the cargo branch of Sierra Air. Just click here to apply and in the box where it asks why you want to join us, put Sierra Air Cargo as well as any other reasons! image

Will you add the CRJ-700?

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@MathAviation7 We will add the crj 700 soon!

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I have sent an application