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Sierra Air - Blue Skies await you

Sierra Air was founded to be a airline that changes travel forever. We don’t just want to give customers cheaper tickets, we want to give them a safe and comfortable journey. We want people to enjoy travel, and think that traveling is more than just an air taxi. @Michigan_Red founded Sierra Air on those principals. He is currently our owner and CEO.
Note: This virtual Airline is IFARB approved

Our Fleet:

We currently have 8 different types of aircraft in our fleet from 4 different manufacturers.



The airbus a318 is a medium range narrow body airliner flown on short and medium haul flights. It commonly flies on routes with the 737.


The a330 is a long range wide body aircraft, that is usually flown on popular domestic flights and some long haul flights.


The second biggest aircraft in our fleet, the a340 is a long range wide body aircraft that flies some of our longest flights. While it is less fuel efficient than the 777, it has 4 engines, which means that it does not need to be etops certified.


737-700 BBJ:

The boeing 737-700 is a medium range narrow body airliner flown on short and medium haul flights.


The biggest airliner in our fleet, the boeing 777-300er is a long range wide body aircraft that flies our longest and most popular routes.


The 787-10 is a long range wide bodied airliner. This aircraft is out newest and most fuel efficient. It usually flies long haul routes that have less demand.


Dash 8 Q-400:

The Q-400 is a short range narrow body airliner that usually flies on our shortest routes. It also happens to be the only aircraft that uses turboprops and not jet engines in our fleet.



The e190 is a short to medium range narrow body airliner that flies on some of our shortest routes. This is our smallest aircraft with jet engines.

Our Routes:

We currently fly 52 routes from our 3 hubs: Denver, Los Angeles, and Honolulu. Click Here to access them.


CEO: @Michigan_Red
COO: @Benjamin_Wayman
Chief Pilot: @Jack_IF
Recruiter: @Swiss
Social Media Manager: @Swiss
Photographer: @CaptainChicken
CEO of Sierra Air Cargo: @Iloveflying

To look at job descriptions, click here.
To apply, PM @Michigan_Red and tell him what position you are applying for.

Pilot Ranks:

We currently have seven Ranks. Here they are:

You are automatically a Trainee when you join and you get to fly the q-400 and e190.

Flight Engineer:
1.5 hours. The flight engineer can fly the 737-700 bbj, q400, and e190.

Second Officer:
5.5 hours. The Second Officer can fly the a318, 737-700 bbj, q400, and e190.

First Officer:
8 hours. The First officer can fly the a330, a318, 737-700 bbj, q400, and e190.

14 hours. The captain can fly the 787-9, a330, a318, 737-700 bbj, q400, and e190.

Senior Captain:
20 hours. The Senior Captain can fly the a340, 787-9, a330, a318, 737-700 bbj, q400, and e190.

Chief Captain:
30 hours. The chief captain can fly all planes in our fleet. (777-300er, a340, 787-9, a330, a318, 737-700 bbj, q400, and e190.)

How can I be a pilot for sierra Air?

Click Here

When filling out the form to enter, please do not put your callsign, put your Infinite flight community username.

and fill out the application.
Note: When you are filling out the form put your username as @ and then your username. For example, @Michigan_Red

If you have any questions, our website

can help. You can Also PM @Michigan_Red

Safe Travels!


Very well put together thread! I cant wait to see many good things from this VA!

Best of Luck! :)


Good to see an amazing VA hubbed in Denver alongside us ;) welcome to the family!


Seriously guys? I understand you all want to welcome them to the community, but you don’t need to advertise your own VAs in the process.


I read and have abided by those rules 😊


Yes, I just saw this. I think I need to pay more attention to what’s going on in the community! Sorry about that. 😕


Congrats and good luck @Michigan_Red ! Looks like a very nice VA!

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It looks like a very nice Virtual Airline and website, I like it how you edited your logo into the generic aircraft of your fleet.


I’m loving this VA concept. Very nice!

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I’m very interested in your va and will be looking forward to joining it in the future.Keep up the good work guys.


We currently have a few staff positions open! Feel free to apply by sending me a pm!

Someone just applied to our airline and the first name in his ifc username was wei. Can you please pm me? I can’t find you on the forum

We will be having an event next Sunday. If you would be interested in joining, here is the link:

We hope to see you there!

-Sierra Air

Nice thread and awesome looking airline. Look forward to working with you in the future.


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Just a pointer

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@MrAlaska(callsign S32), KamNRi79 (That was the username he was flying with, I am not sure his IFC username as he copied our route and joined along on this flight (Callsign Frontier Flight 9109)), and I(SIERRA1) just completed the first flight for Sierra Air. We flew from KLAX to KBIH with very high winds and turbulence. However, everyone still landed well.

We hope to many more experiences like this with Sierra Air!

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Can I get Youtuber rank because I am super bad at IF…


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*actually not JK lol


The slack is now set up!

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One time I tried to sign up on your VA.
Remember me? I’m the Swiss001 guy.

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