Sieberovia’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ EHRD


I’m opening a tracking thread @EHRD. Feedback is appreciated!

Server: Training
Status: Closed
Tower and Ground
Great time to practice crosswind landings😉


Server: Training
Wind: 300 at 16 gusting 26
Visibility: 10+
Runway usage: 24

EHRD 051755Z AUTO 30016G26KT 260V340 9999 NSC 03/M03 Q1015 NOSIG

Hello! I’ll come by. My callsign will be CF-RBG.

Great! Thank you.

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will stop by

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Hey there, maybe if you open again, you can tag me. 🍻


I requested a departure but I’ll come back very quick, that’s at purpose.

Feedback (G-KEDZ):

  • Nice duplicate message on my second req taxi, and the nice use of give way to 115AK so that i can go first.

  • Your Comms overall was very very slow, especially during my takeoff request, taking time like that at a hub would cause chaos.

  • Nice ‘make left traffic’ upon take off clearance.

  • [18:06:54] You gave CF-RBG a sequence behind me as ‘left downwind’. Why did you sequence me behind him at [18:07:41] when i was mid downwind, bare in mind the tbm was going way slower than me. Instead you made a ridiculous idea of extending my downwind when i was on left base turn (you sequenced me on left base). So my turn to final was super tight. Anyways, i should have been number 1, so you made my approach longer leaving my experience unpleasant.

  • You said you will call my base, and told me ‘enter left base’. You should have told me turn base, there’s no need to give me a pattern entry again. You then cleared me on final, you need to give me a clearance on early downwind/ late crosswind.

  • With my clearance, you told me for the option and to make right traffic, it was not needed as i said i was on ‘left downwind full stop’ which means i’m doing no more patterns. Even if i was still in the pattern, i know where i’m going in the pattern as i was told to make ‘left traffic’ on first pattern. Your being too controlling.

  • You told me to do ‘slowest practical’ when there was 7nm spacing with the tbm plus you gave me a sequence. You need to trust the pilot, you wouldn’t have had this problem if you got me in as number 1.

  • Don’t clear me as option when i’m coming for landing.

  • Remember pattern entry>sequence (if needed)>clearance.

  • Missed my runway exit so i had to request freq change

A lot has to be fixed, you need to read the manual and get a better knowledge of patterns and sequencing because you confused the hell outta me. Wasn’t a smooth session, a lot of improvements is needed, i linked the manual for you. Remember, each session is one step closer to that discord link:)

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I’m so sorry, I didn’t notice you were on full stop. Thank you for your feedback! I’ll work on it…

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Feedback from CF-RBG
  • After my take-off, you instructed me to enter left downwind RW24, which was useless as you had told me to make left traffic while clearing me for take-off.
  • There was a problem in your organization. I was following G-KEDZ but you prioritized me, although, as he said, he was faster than me (I was on a TBM) and he was ahead of me.
  • After my first option, you told me to turn crosswind, which is also useless as I was instructed at my first take-off to make left traffic, that means that I have to do that after each touch & go.
  • After my transition, you asked me my intentions. Why?
  • When I requested a landing clearance, you gave me a clearance for the option. You could’ve directly given me a clearance to land, although an option clearance can work for a landing, but you’d rather use it when you don’t know if the person will land/if the person will make a touch and go.

Other than that, it was good. That was not a bad first session at all. Good luck in fixing those problems, I’m sure that you’ll quickly get used to controlling!

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Thank you for you feedback!!!

I’m OPEN!!!


I’ll be there soon :D

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Thanks for the service, I’ll send the feedback via DM. Have a nice weekend!


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Hey, feel free to tag me next session

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Open again!
@SierraHotel @Syncline

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Hi there!
Here’s the feedback from (HA-BIL):

•I look at when you give me command. It always clearance without sequence
So it would be best:

When pilot Pattern. Just say :
1.Pattern! (If any airplane change runway)
2. Sequence! (If have 2 airplane)
Example :
HA-BIL Number 2 Traffic to follow is on Left Downwind
Example :
Number 2 Clear to land runway 24

•Great timing there!

•Little bit late Go-Around for traffic behind me

That’s it


Thank you for your feedback!

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Feedback for N900BP

A few minor issues:

– When I requested takeoff, you could just tell me to hold short of the runway

– You didn’t give me a direction on my takeoff clearance, which I think you noticed

– I also didn’t get a direction on my option clearance, although I could reasonably assume the direction you wanted me to go

– I know it seems a little counterintuitive, but since all the aircraft are VFR, it is their responsibility to “see and avoid”, so you should avoid giving speed commands for spacing reasons when aircraft are in the pattern for the same runway, even if it causes a GA. Especially avoid them if the aircraft is close to the airport, like I was, since I was already going pretty slowly.

– Very good job calling the GA

The big issue:

– I didn’t get a sequence throughout the session. It is absolutely critical that you do issue sequences when people are in the pattern so that they know who to follow. It becomes more and more important when you move beyond single runway airports and face more inbounds, so you should make sure to practice and master them.

Thanks for the service, and I hope to see you join the team soon!


Thanks for attending and the helpful feedback. I’m going to head off now.
Thank you, Good day, Sieberovia

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