SIDs with straight out departures

On some SIDs, the transitions occurs right after takeoff and waypoints are often placed before the end of the 10 nm straight out departure zone. If we intend to fly these with Expert ATC, do we eliminate the conflicting points and only fly those that are available to reach while departing straight out or do we follow the SID regardless?

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ATC manual suggests that straight out overrides SID

In addition, once you fly straight out to the altitude specified by ATC, only then can you turn to resume your departure. So if they tell you fly “straight out to 5000ft”. Do so, and then once you hit 5001ft, turn in the direction of your SID after ensuring you’re not going to cause a conflict with other aircraft.

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So, we keep fly straight out until 5000ft and then back follow the SID like that?

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Correct. Fly to 5000ft or 3000ft, whatever ATC tells you, and then you can resume your own navigation (follow your FPL) You might want to activate a new leg in your FPL so you don’t have to go back to your airport.


If tower tells you to contact departure, and they give you vectors, fly the vectors. Do not follow your flight plan if they give you vectors.


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