SIDs from Departure Runway

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Here I have the SID, the ULTI1’ from EGLL.
It is for all runways. But how do I get to that initial waypoint of the London VOR? Do Because, I would have to be in an Xcub or something to be able to make that kind of a turn after departurem surely? Do I just go and intersept my FPL route between that and the next waypoint? Or do
I have to fly over that VOR? I have noticed this on a lot of SIDs.


I’ve been moving the active leg to the first waypoint and making the turn myself and then turning the NAV on when I reach it

I linked the actual chart below, and in this case you will have to turn at 1.5DME LON VOR for 09L and 2 DME LON VOR for 09R onto a heading of 050°. Then you fly that heading until intercepting the line between LON VOR and the first waypoint in the FPL/SID from IF.


Ah, perfect, thank you, I had trouble finding the plate

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No problem! Search UK AIP or UKeAIP and you should find all the applicable charts.

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@JulianB This brings me to a question. I use charts since ever, however, since conventional procedures aren’t correctly depicted yet I’m asking myself how IFATC will handle such SIDs? I mean, I don’t want to get a report for flying correct procedures…


I don’t really know, but with departures it’s always been somewhat more freely then with approaches from my experience. I am more worried about the approaches in Germany which often are just an arrival (RNAV transition) all the way through not using a Approach before it.

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They are actually quite smart. At busy fields they have extermely long downwinds and sometimes an S-shape to increase capacity. I’m wondering how they will work out in IF as well though. Bht my dream won’t come true for now: Everyone flying the 270° left turn during the VEBIT3S departure out of RWY16 at LSZH…

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Absolutely, yes!

Haven’t checked how this one is implemented yet, but I fear the same. More fun for us with the departure then ;)

This is probably my favorite SID ever, however, it just goes to the right from the 2000ft fix, but hey, as far as I know these turns will come eventually, especially needed for the VOR-APP procedure turns.

Ok, I see. I will definitely try to confirm how this should be done with active ATC when I am at Zurich with IFATC present as I don’t want to be ghosted for turning across the airport…

I actually asked Laura about this some time ago:

And yes, the VEBIT3S is just a stunner!

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