SIDs and STARs

IF’s navigation data is updated on an annual basis (although sometimes it is not updated even after a year). The reason for such a low number of updates is that it is really expensive to procure navigation data. I have searched the internet and for the ARJ21 aircraft, a year’s worth of navigation data purchase is about US$420,000.
I think the reasons for the high price are the following
•1. there are few data suppliers, only few companies worldwide have the regulatory certification to provide ARINC424 data.
•2. ARINC424 data is redundant and requires a high degree of accuracy. Because basically all commercial aircraft need the support of navigation database, which is directly related to the safety of flight operation. This further leads to increased costs.

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Wow, that is expensive. Thank you for the information, very good information

Well, should this be closed now? We got the answers

  • It’s expensive
  • It could take years before we are getting updated SIDs and STARs
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Oslo was the first airport to implement it:

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That is very cool, thank you

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