SIDs and STARs

Is it still true that Infinite Flight updates their STAR/SID data from Navblue every 28 days?

Just wondering, because I just learned that ENGM has new approach routes for noise reduction and that would be nice to have implemented into the STAR/SID charts


Once I asked cameron, and he told me that it was updated once a year.

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Really? Once a year

I think they update it every update.

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Yeah, I thought it was something like that

That would make sense.

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Agree with you

No IF doesn’t follow the AIRAC cycles.


They don’t?

Allegedly it is too expensive for what the developers see as a marginal improvement in experience. 😕


Ah, that’s sad. Thank you so much

Some of them are already in the game, just look.

However, the data at some airports (particularly non-US) is incredibly outdated (and will likely always be).

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Yeah, sadly some are really outdated

Many of them are really outdated.

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Is it difficult to update SIDs and STARs?

But yeah, some SIDs and STARs are really bad

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It’s a money thing. However I should’ve also added, the FAA administered airports have their data pulled from the FAA directly every 56-28 days, which it is I don’t recall. So US is all up to date, the world airports IF purchases the nav data under from NavBlue.

AIRAC isn’t followed in the sim. Usually there’s not too much difference unless A SID/STAR at an aerodrome has changes between cycles. Well in this case, ENGM did go through quite the change.

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They ditched point merge? Interesting

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And the arrival looks so much smoother then we already have in the sim

Not sure I’m know what you are thinking about, please tell me