SIDs and STARs

What are SIDs and STARs and how can I use them in my flight plan?


SIDs (Standard Instrument Departures) and STARs (Standard Terminal Arrival Routes) are charts that are used for departures and approaches. They come with waypoints as well as corresponding altitudes for that specific waypoint all the way down to the final approach.

When using them in your flight plan, you can insert the waypoints manually according to the SID/STAR you are using, or allows you to insert a SID and STAR into the flight plan it generated for you.


SIDs and STARs are procedures and checkpoints used to enter and leave the airway system by aircraft operating on IFR flight plans. A SID, or Standard Instrument Departure, defines a pathway out of an airport and onto the airway structure.

In that case, you can look up Departure and approach Procedure Charts of a certain airport that will include the relevant waypoints for you to use in your flight plan. As @Thunderbolt mentioned, you may use to do this for you by creating an account through SimBrief.


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Another great SID and STAR resource is Very easy to use!


They are standard departure and arrivals into airports.

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If you are still having trouble understanding the meaning, usage of these terms, why they exist or you don’t how how to read one, I’d suggest checking out this topic by @Nathan. Very informative and concise!


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