SIDs and STARs

Roger Doger!!
Thank you captain:)

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I’m hoping we can finally program V, J, Q routes into it without using every single point soon

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I know there’s no easy fix, maybe a happy medium but you’ll always have that one person who does an approach with the least amount of effort or distance cutting people off or when departing bank their Airbus like it’s a fighter barely wheels up and blasting right through the pattern.

Q routes are almost nonexistent. I’ve been setting up some STAR waypoints into KLAX that include some Q routes to send to the Nav team.

I’m talking more for going across the country or ocean by just putting one thing like J2 or Q100

This guy still hasn’t voted for his topic…

Dude. I guess ROBER has been added into the sim😆

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IIRC ROBER is off position there’s a duplicate maybe

Yes indeed. It’s in France image

We use PIRCE for ROBER as the heading and distance are ALMOST the same as CCC to ROBER should be.


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I think this would be an amazing feature! As if i’m not mistaken that’s how it works in an FMC, just generating the STAR or SID into your flight plan with all the right turns and smooth curves round cities which in IF with way point’s you cant get. This has my vote!

I wonder if this could ever be implemented, and thinking about it if it was i would only introduce it to the Expert server which again would make the Expert server that bit more ‘expert’ in my opinion.

(Edit - this would also be particularly good as some STARs or SIDs at airports dont have actual waypoints that can be converted into IF, if that makes sense)

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That’s absolutely how it works in an FMC, you pick your SID/STAR, runway, and transition, and the computer does the rest.

It’d be even more easy to implement now with the introduction of the database updates without requiring an app update.

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Yeah, It would be a huge task to implement it as there are so… many airports at first but after i think any updates would be easily updated if someone spots a change, although STAR’s and SID’s dont actually change too often anyways.

It’d be much easier if they can find a way to import navigation data from someone like navigraph…

Thinking deeper into this, it would make huge IF events really cool with all people using the same STARs to come in and actually holding in he correct places just like they would in real life.

(Edit - Maybe a new Expert Expert server could be made for like really professional pilots, something like VATSIM is like for FSX, X-Plane and Prepar 3D)


That would be rather tricky though… again requiring a lot of time for the first implementation with coding for the app which could conflict with other things… ect ect.

But im sure if this was a popular enough request then they could find a way.

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When you said events, it reminded me of a time coming into an airport on expert with all active ATC. It looked like someone kicked a beehive.

It was hard to tell who was coming or going and coming in and out from all directions. A far cry from what you see on FlightAware lol.

Then the Beach Boys song played in my head " wouldn’t it be nice if everyone used SIDs and STARs tonight…" :-D

I’m pretty sure that it’s been mentioned before but on the “expert” server you’ve got tons of players who don’t even come to IFC to learn how to do it, or just got their “Level 3 pilot’s license”, the “one-waypointer’s”, the “non-decenders-in-time”, “the rockteers” and “dive-bomers” just to name a few ;-)

SIDs and STARs would provide structure i think. Also ATC could simply say ‘Enter in on the xxxxx and contact approach’ or something like that then you just bung the xxxxx into your fpl and then sorted you have an organised line of pilots coming in on real life STARs or departing with the correct SIDs to where they want to be going.

Think it would result in a lot less chaos, and an easier life for controllers.

We can’t do this unfortunately due to many issues with copyright infringement.


That’s a shame. I would’ve thought there would be a way to buy the rights, I certainly wouldn’t mind paying a little more for up-to-date navigation data.

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Same @Jake_Stopher you can join the Nav team if you use github and if not, get a list of your fav SID/STAR type waypoints and try and add them in then send them to the Nav team. That’s what I do.