Will I be able to connect this to IF and how? That’s what Swiss001 raccomanded to use in IF, I have a Samsung Galaxy S something

Can we get a precise model to help you further :)


Srry don’t have it right now to see

It’s going to be one of these, any chance you can identify it from this?

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No it’s a tablet

I had this when I had my android tablet. (pixel C)

  • Works good, lots of buttons to configure, rotating the stick for the rudder is nice.
  • Throttle is not that accurate. Reverse thrust was not possible with the side throttle since the throttle did not register a negative value. I had to tie reverse to a button.

It plugged straight into my device. Not that most will not be able to charge and do the joystick at the same time. IE usb hubs did not work with my device.

How did you attach it

If it’s a tab S3 or a Tab S4, with an OTG Type C adapter this would be possible. The Tab S2 doesn’t output power over its micro USB if I remember correctly. However there is no guarantee your tablet will interpret the joystick correctly, and it may give you a laggy and un-enjoyable experience.

I always keep my settings low so…

I think you misunderstood me buddy. I’m not referring to device performance, but more the input lag that comes with your device converting the signals from the joystick… I’ve noticed that with several devices the input is laggy, and makes the overall experience somewhere worse.

Oh ok then

Does it change something if the device is old or new?

If you have a PC, then LiveFlight connect is a great way to hook external peripherals up to a tablet or phone, however it does require a stable internet connection if I remember correctly…

I’m slightly confused… Older devices will typically have worse performance. Type C connectors are the best mini connectors around, however it can also depend on the joystick and app in question. Without knowing the specific model of your tablet, I can’t give you a good estimation.

S2 samsung

Do you know if it works for S2?

I find joysticks/yokes difficult to use with IF in my opinion…

But I have Thrustmaster HOTAS and Saitek Pro Flight Yoke as well and can say they works very well. Toy around with settings in LiveFlight such as packet delay to prevent freezing and delayed reponses

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If my memory serves me well, the S2 doesn’t support OTG power output correctly, plus with such an old, low power device you’d just be making the flying experience even worse than it already is. I wouldn’t even bother unless you can get a more capable device

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No idea whats a otg power

Google is your friend buddy. A little research never hurt anyone 😉

Ok, but any advice for a johstick I can use for s2?