Sides of the runway

Hello! I’m flying from MGGT to KMIA today and I looked at the map and runway 20 is red and runway 02 is green. On the radar, runway 20 is better for takeoff than 02. Is it okay to take off/land on the red sides?

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All the red means is that the wind isn’t favorable. That could mean that tail winds, large crosswinds, etc., may be present.

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You’ve always got to go with the winds and what’s realistic. I don’t really follow the colors most of the time.

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Also it depends on the existing traffic flow, server, is there ATC present, etc. Never go against the flow of traffic even if you think they are wrong.


It is okay to takeoff or land on the red, in on the red, in some cases. The green means it is a headwind for that runway, orange means it is a crosswind, and red means it is a tailwind. If you can, always use the green one to takeoff/land into the wind. You might use the red one if terrain is a factor, or if the other traffic in the area is already using the red runway.

That makes since but you usually always want to takeoff in tailwind

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Wrong, you ideally want to takeoff into the wind (ie a headwind.


Yeah, headwind is more ideal

@InfiniteFlightDeck Headwind is actually more ideal, however it may not be possible.

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Sorry, typo! I tried to say “tailwind is less ideal” or “headwind is more ideal” But I was distracted while I was typing that. @PlaneGeek

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