Side Camera Going Crazy

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Version Information

20.2 (468)

Device Information

iPad 7th Gen


When taxing, the side view camera goes crazy and keep spinning around in circles

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Go to And airport (I was at Phoenix Mesa)
  • Choose A320 (I was Allegiant)
  • taxi and use the side camera

Expected results

regular camera

Actual results

The camera spun around in circles underneath the plane

Does this happen only on the ground? Have you tested this in the air?

Only on the ground

Okay, I’ll try to repro arriving in KBLI. Give me around 2 and a half hours to do so.

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Unable to reproduce


iPad mini 4th Generation
iOS 14
20.2 (468)

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Videos are useful for issues like this, thanks :)


Unable to reproduce
• iPhone 11
• iOS 14.0.0
• 20.2 (468)

Able to reproduce.

Device: iPad 9.7 Pro
Software: 14.0.1
Version: 20.02

Occurs on ground only.

Hi all,

I was able to catch this on video just now.

See the link below. Let me know if you have any issues watching the video.

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Unable to reproduce

iPad Mini 4
iOS 13.7
Version 20.2

Side camera stays still as it should when the aircraft parked at the gate.

Here is a second video. Just occurred again.

Device: iPad 9.7 Pro
iOS 14.01
Callsign: KLM 10 Heavy

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