Siddhansh's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSEDN] @ N/A

Hi guys.
This is my ATC tracking thread. I will announce here about when i will be controlling airports. Everybody is welcome to help me by judging my ATC skills and giving me feedback so that i can work towards getting my ATC skills better.

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Hey guys…i will be opening VIDP ( Delhi) in the TS at 1530Z today…i will be great if some of you guys can attend.

Would this be in Expert server right? Sorry I’m just curious.

No… training server…expert is only for IFATC…anyone with XP more than 10000 ie anyone with access to the TS is welcome to come and give me feedback

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Hey Siddhansh,
If you are not open, your title should read
Siddhansh’s ATC tracking thread [CLOSED] @N/A.


Sure…sorry…i wasnt aware of that…i will correct it rn

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Hey mate, do not hesitate to DM me when you start a session ;) I could be free and I sure would want to take part !


Sure man…just got back from the mall…i really appreciate your help

Guys i am opening VIDP right now…pls try to join me

Opening VHHH NOW

Is it possible for you at about 21:30z ?

What do you mean 21:30z

He’s asking if the tracking thread can be open at 21:30Z

What happened on TS? If it wasn’t anything to do with this thread, please take this to a PM

Please take this to a PM as it’s very off topic. If you were ghosted, and the controller didn’t agree to reverse it then you were obviously doing something wrong and it was your fault

@Siddhansh are you still open? You announced you were open 3 hours ago but never said you were closed

Are you still open? If yes, I might come down for a pattern or two.

No…i am really sorry…i opened VIDP @1615Z and then at 1630Z VHHH. However after being open for 45 minutes there still was no traffic so i closed.

Sorry about that…i will surely mention in the the thread as to when i am closing.

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Guys i am opening KSAN right now for about half an hour. Please feel free to come and give feedback as to my skills.

Oman Air 1998 here, things to improve:

  • Progressive taxi instructions weren’t necessary as the airport had no traffic.
  • Please wait for the aircraft to request to taxi
  • You told me to taxi to 27 but you ended up taking me to 9 with the progressive taxi instructions


  • After I took off you should have told me to follow the traffic on final
  • You never cleared me for landing

I suggest reading more of the ATC tutorials to improve.

Thanks and good luck with your future sessions

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Thanks a lot for the feedback, really appreciate it! I misread the runway numbers so i assigned you the wrong runway…sorry!

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