SID, STARs and Flight Planning


A few questions if I may:

  1. I notice some routes include airways - for example let’s take KBOS to KDCA, and the following route: KBOS SORRY V3 CMK J75 SBJ V3 DASDE KDCA . This decoded results in: KBOS SORRY RACEY CMK DUEYS JERSY SBG BIGGY REGLE HARRS MAZIE DASDE KDCA

A. Can airways be included in IF Global?
B. If not, does anybody know if there’s an easy website where one can copy the ‘decoded’ route? Most websites, including flightaware, provide this in table form. So not easy to copy/paste

  1. Am I right in assuming the only way to insert the SID/STAR is by adding each individual waypoint? (and If so, the only way to know which waypoints this STAR contains is to actually read the charts? As in, there is no online flight planning tool that gives you this info!)

  2. What if IF doesn’t recognise a waypoint? Does it crash? I think that’s happened to me!

  3. I believe there is a feature request to save flight plans - that’d be grand. In the absence of that, I have to copy/paste from text editor on the phone.

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This is Part 1 of a 4 Part series. There is a lot of helpful info in here ;)

I just copy and past from flight aware on my computer, edit out all the other sections from the table, then transfer to my phone via ‘Notes’ on my iPhone. You could similarly email yourself the flight plan or log them in Google Drive? It is annoying, but a little bit of work makes it feel like you’re really sitting in the cockpit planning. ;)

Airways were removed in global due to the high work amount necessary to add them :)
I recommend using which has a list of fixes if you set OFP type to Delta


Or if you export to Skyvector, then go onto the NavLog (I like the layout more).


Thanks, had reviewed that one, but didn’t feel it answered all the questions.

Yep, doing the same… no other way

Thanks Misha and @Insertusernamehere - I wasn’t aware. I agree that simbrief seems a little bit onerus to use for IFG. I’ll give SkyVector/NavLog a try.

Any thoughts on questions 2-3?


Yes. That is how I’ve been flying my SIDS. If you need any help reading those charts (as they are very tricky), a lot of people here can give you some great tips. But once you get them, they’re very easy to follow and read.

What do you mean by recognize? If it means what I think it does, that is a possibility. Those way-points that aren’t recognized/are incompatible are considered “discontinuities”, and, again, looking around/asking others are a great way to get some info on that. I wouldn’t want to give you incorrect info.

Thanks Kevin. ON the 2nd point, I meant say, you type SRLAC instead of SLRAC

Nah it just ignores the ones it can’t find.

As Alexei said, for Q3 it just ignores them and goes to the next WPT. Unless you are experiencing a new issue with this, it does not crash normally.

With regards to Q2, what I suggest you do is type the SID into a note doc or something, add the FPL and then the STAR, then copy and paste it all at once. If you input a SID (or any FPL), then try to copy and paste the main FPL or a new one, it’ll get rid of the prior one, in this case the SID.

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Thinking of which… It would be great if there was some sort of online library or app that lists all of these SIDs/STARs. This could be collective work, whereby everyone chips in and adds to it.

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