SID/STAR what does it mean?

Okay, so these days SID/STAR is getting mentioned a lot and idk what it means.
Please help.

SID: Standard Instrument Departure
STAR: Standard Terminal Arrival Route

Basically, when flying IFR to an destination, you must follow these.

Today, almost all Airlines fly with SID’s and STAR’s


Ok, thanks!

Actually, STAR means Standard Terminal Arrival. 😉 (No route at the end, just Standard Terminal Arrival.)


They’re basically standard terminal arrivals/departures. They’re charts that you need to follow. For example here is a SID:

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Was that from your SFO-TIJ flight?

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Put the wrong picture, but yes. These both were for the same flight.

okay, thanks for the help!


Yeah, so whenever you hear pilots say something like “inbound on KONAN” they’d follow that arrival path unless instructed otherwise

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