SID/STAR support

is there any plan to incorporate SID/STAR. Its hugely important to both ATC and expert users, realism, and helping controllers organize traffic at busy spots.


You can look up these online. By looking up airport charts. and adding the waypoints.
Or You can use this website.

Or feel free to vote on this #features request


There’s yet another feature request here:


canned flight plans are a version of this. im thinking of fly ins and such that are very busy. integrating the data, which is available, and putting the course into maps, super nice.

Not 100% sure what you mean by this (?)

You are able to do this via the waypoints (to a certain degree due to some missing waypoints) and even more now with the added VOR navigation.

For full implementation you should vote on one of the #features requests.

There were FNFs with STARs, so keep an eye out for FNFs and other #live:events, which might be of interest!

most city pairs have routes that the flight network knows. the computer will spit out the flight plan for the pilot. that is similar to stars.

there are ATC apps like RealATC that use real flight schedules and have prett good STAR SID coverage. Infinite flight should open up their system and let the users program the proposed routes STAR SIDs. Then all IF needs to do is manage display and interfaces.

The only way right now (from my knowledge) is this:

If u have a n iPad that supports split screen u can do that