SID/STAR range altitude restrctions

Many SID/STARs have altitude restriction that are ranges. In IF the VNAV altitude will only ahow one end of the range. Are we required to adhere to the altitudes in IF or can we use the range on charts?

Example of issues that can occur:

  • SID has a minimum level somewhere. Unless you are a full heavy you are going to clear it by a lot.
  • STAR has a maximum level on entry that is above your cruise altitude
  • Descent/climb angle using the altitudes in IF are too steep
  • Some arrivals have exceptions to certain altitudes if you are planning for a certain approach
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I adjust the range, as long as it falls within the charted value, based on the performance characteristics of the aircraft I am flying, including where IF has predetermined values. I don’t see why this would be a problem.

You can look at the charts and decide which altitude you wanna cross a point at. IF defaults the lowest altitude. You can change it easily by clicking the button “set altitude”.

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