I was recently watching the Infinite Flight at home live stream and Laura mentioned an idea of adding SID’s and STAR’s to airports, where you would tap on the airport and a list of arrivals would be shown. She also mentioned an issue dealing with controllers and aircraft coming from multiple directions and I had an idea.

What if in the ATIS page the IFATC controller was able to select which STAR they wanted arriving pilots to use

I actually quite like this idea. but I don’t think eve try one would understand it.


Well Laura starts mentioning the whole process 37 minutes into the stream 👍

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I do like this idea also. But they would have to add a few different STARs because it depends on which direction the pilot is arriving from. It would just depends on which runway the controller has in-bounds on is which is already in ATIS.

Also don’t tag developers! :)


Hehe thanks for the tip. Yea I was just watching it and came up with the idea

Not sure if this makes sense in terms of practicality because they will be implementing SIDs and STARs anyways. I’d say just wait to see how the devs implement it (just my opinion).

You know this isn’t a bad idea! This would flow traffic much easier making it less stressful for controllers during FNFs. Not bad!


Many pilots on the Expert Server barely know the difference between ILS and GPS, implementing SID and STAR on ATIS would be a mayhem for not only these pilots, but for the controllers as well.

This may have a chance with more detail and implementation but at this current stage I think it would just be too much of a hassle for some pilots and controllers alike.


That’s why there’s an expert server for a reason with ATIS. Your expected to know these things since you’ll be on expert. You also get a warning when you spawn in with what the expert server is all about.

Hey @texasaviation if you don’t like the idea then you don’t have to vote. I had an idea thought it would be nice to share

Yes, I know. But many pilots do not know how to read SID and STARs. Yes, the pilots can refer to videos online about how to read them, but it would be hectic for a controller who is having to deal with a pilot not following the procedures of any of the SID or STARs provided in the ATIS.

@CPT_Colorado Don’t get me wrong, it’s a genuine idea, I just don’t know if it’s going to be the best idea in my opinion :)

Laura never mentioned pilots actually having to read the SID and STAR I believe she was saying that they would be pre planned routes that you click and it would automatically be filed for you but I may be wrong as to what she was actually talking about

You may be correct, again, my logic is not following what Laura or any of the devs are wishing to implement. I’m just trying to visualize this in a larger picture.

As the expert server evolves with new features to make it more expert, users are expected to know the new stuff since it is expert server. I’m sure video tutorials will come out to assist those unaware.


Not only FNF’s but for regular ATC scheduled regions

The ATIS needs more info such as PRM/SOIA

Voted. It would be good to have it at least in major airports which see more traffic.

MaxSez: STARs/SIDs are a good thing. However until “ Centers” are introduced to cull and organize the Herd/Gaggle In & Outbound they just add confusion to the great unwashed masses who flitter about Helltillscelter dis- organized in the atmosphere.


I am personally very interested in this feature. Some aspects may have to be tweaked but I’ll see if I can clear up a vote.

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I’ve never understood what the use of centers are. Can you explain it to me?