SID Problem Atlanta


I am planning Atlanta to Charlotte and there is a sid that is wrong.

PHIIL2 needs to connect to waypoint PHIIL , It only connects to GRD.

I don’t know if thee staff has noticed so I’m just pointing it out.

The SIDs/STARs come from NavBlue which is what operated the navigation system in Infinite Flight at the moment. Nothing we can do to fix the issue

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Hey! if your having a problem you can always contact #support

support does not work for charts problems, its probably a NavBlue issue, nothing we can do as said by Chris Hoss.

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Knowing that, just add the waypoint PHIIL after the SID, it isn’t a big problem

How come KORD doesn’t have any SIDs considering it being a class BRAVO airport?

i think its because of vectors

KORD is a very complex airport, so controllers IRL just vector planes out of it instead of using SIDs

Oh I see, having 7 different runways surely makes that complex

they don’t use all of them for takeoffs but still, also knowing that KMDW is nearby, it’s a very complex airspace and it’s easier to just vector them.

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