SID issue at YPAD

Hi all not sure if this is the right catagory but would like to draw attention to the ORBUN5 SID at YPAD The first waypoint in the SID is rw05 VCCW 4000NM away haha not requesting it be fixed just trying to let someone know so they can adress it when possible (sorry if i put in the wrong category)

You could mayby tell an Staff member or a Mod to fix it next month :)

in the meantime you can just fly without a sid
or with a different one

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Was about to but thought this would give some people a lil giggle as well as let ifae know so i posted

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Airport editors can’t fix SIDs / STARs.

You can let staff or mods know (Cam).


oh ok then
I will edit the post

ok fixed the post @Czechoslovaki

just thought id add this post can be closed or remain open i dont mind up to the mods

OP requested closure