Could someone link how I can “amend a SID into my FPL” because I’ve had to divert the last 4 times flying on expert server. Thanks.

The photo is for attention :)

Tap on the little globe in the lower right, go to the Map + FPL view, tap on the airport, tap on PROC and then “Select Departure.”

You’ll find a list of SIDs there, select whichever one you want. It’ll add it in to the end of your flight plan.

Then in your flight plan, tap the name of the SID (in green) so it’s selected, and use the arrows (the little triangles near the “Copy FPL” button) to move it up into your desired location in the flight plan. Usually you’d place it right at the beginning.

Don’t forget to delete any other departure waypoints that you may have added previously.

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I have got the right departures and I do the same with arrivals, is that a STAR/SID?

A STAR (Standard Terminal Arrival Route) is a pre-defined, fixed route for an arrival. A SID (Standard Instrument Departure) is the same, for a departure.

I would suggest that you check out this series of tutorials here:

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