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Hi guys good evening or good morning. Who thinks on departure you tell ATC what SID your taking instead of saying departing west/east etc. Because in real life, ATC would know what SID your taking, for example xxx departing via the Liffey4A departure. (Dublin)I think this would be a better system. I think this should only be on expert server. If you really think about it we have this system for landing with the STAR. Let me know your opinions on it. I just thought id throw it out there.

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Alan Scott

Wouldn’t the SID be on the clearance delivery frequency? If so, there is already a request for it.

i mean when you you tune into tower, instead of saying departing west/east you say what SID your taking. i did not see any other conflicting request or simler one

I understand what you are saying, but I believe you won’t realistically announce your SID in Tower frequency.

you wont realistically say your departing west/east on tower because atc have the info already via your SID. clearance delivery is a good idea also.

It may be different in the US. I fly out of a class D which gets some IFR departures and I’ve never heard them say that. Tower knows the SID you are taking irl I think. So like they’d go:

Santa Monica tower ExecJet 139 holding short of runway 21 at A5 ready for departure

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yeah i know what your saying but we dont all go by FAA rules. im in europe which is completely different altogether

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You wouldn’t announce what SID you are taking on tower frequency. You are confusing it with departure

In Dublin the realistic procedure is that the aircraft contact departure (area control) and will announce their passing altitude and the SID they are taking. European and US procedures can differ


Exactly that’s why I said it’s like that in the US at least based on what I’ve heard. ATC wouldn’t have a problem if you said ready for departure via the SID but you check in with departure by the time your like 1000 feet up so tower doesn’t really need to know. Only departure would need to know since they’ll be controlling you when you are actually flying on the SID. Tower only has you for a short time when you are airborne departing.


well it does not look like im getting votes on it then.

If it’s a procedure in other countries maybe IF can consider. I admire your effort on this request and your engagement!

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i just googled it, its clearance delivery, since its the same as the other request, i would understand if the moderators close this topic

Hey mate,

Please feel free to vote for clearance delivery in the feature request linked above.

Thanks for the understanding and have a great day!