SID and STAR in 20.1

I’m quite alarmed that no one has made a thread about this so far. That obviously means I’m missing something quite obvious. But I am beyond the confused about these departures and arrivals. I went through the user guide, I watched the video, and I looked for other material but none of them answered my questions. In the tutorial video he chose twp airports so close to each other that the departure and arrival transitions lined up perfectly with each other. I don’t see how you’re supposed to make a flight plan using simbrief or another service, put that in as usual and then add a departure and arrival to it without it screwing it all up at the beginning and end.

Another thing I don’t get is transitions. For example look at this photo:

I added a departure and a transition but when I selected to put it into my flight plan which I had nothing pre-programmed at that point, that magenta line shot back to the airport. Why would it do that? I then went up to KIAH and added an arrival, but in between the departure and arrival, it was just a straight line. Does this mean if we use these procedures, we will have to make up waypoints in between?

As stated above, I already looked into all the resources and I went over the tutorial video multiple times and I read the user guide twice. Please explain this to me if you understand. I want to become more professional

Please only post supportive comments, and on top of that comments that relate to this specifically and that are well-informed. Thank you


I wouldn’t try creating a flight plan where both of your airports are so close to each other. Choose airports that are say 300nm apart so that you can see how these procedures work. Some SIDs/STARs span 100nm+ and what you’re seeing is doing more harm than good to understand how these work.


Thank you, but yes that’s what I’m saying. I’m trying to get airports far apart but I don’t understand how I’m supposed to make a flight plan in between the Sid and the star.

What I do is I go direct to the departure airport.

Then I add my SID.
Then I add any points I wish to fly before I start my descent.
Then I add my STAR
And then lastly the approach.
Then I add my arrival airport if not already in there.

You’ll be able to add points to your FPL like normal. 🙂


Thank you, so from what I’m reading here, it won’t be a seamless as before? Lake with simbrief I could just copy and paste a flight plan but now I’m going to have to pull my flight plan up and type in each Waypoint individually? Because unless you have the arrivals memorized, there’s no way you’re going to know what is where

select your SID. Do not add the last waypoint of the SID into search box. Enter FPL with all waypoints between SID and STAR waypoints in the search box but not the first waypoint of the STAR. Select add to existing FPL. Select STAR. Select Approach with desired IAF (waypoint you would like your Approach to begin at). Boom you have your flight plan


Okay, that makes somewhat sense. It will take about three times as long to make it now but hey that’s realism for you. I’m going to try this out and come back and see if it work.

If you need any help I’d be willing to share a screen record

One more thing though, the only problem I see, if you make a flight plan on simbrief. Some of the first few way points and some of the last few waypoints will probably interfere with your departure and arrival. They may be waypoints very close to them which will make your flight plan zig zag, am I in clear does that make sense? It’s just seems like a lot of narrowing down. I’m going to have to go through each way point and decide if it’s already in Sid or star. Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining, I’m just trying to make sure I’m hearing you guys correct

Yeah you’d have to find the overlapping points and remove them.

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On Simbrief you should be using FPLs they make that include the STAR/SID. If they dont include the STAR/SID in the FPL they wont most likely fit into the STAR/SID you add outside the Simbrief FPL.

Your FPL on Simbrief should look like this.

Enter your Waypoints after WINCO as it is the last waypoint on the SID already. Enter Waypoints until ESTWD as it is the first waypoint on the STAR. From there use the last waypoint, SEAVU, on the STAR as your IAF for your Approach.

Simbrief includes the end or the beginning waypoints of your SID/STAR before/after naming your SID/STAR so do not include the waypoints of the directly next to the SID/STARs listed in the Route Plan

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Gosh this is frustrating. But I feel once I get it it’s going to seem so obvious

CHRRI isn’t the first waypoint of the SID, its the first waypoint of your actual “route” so to speak. The SID is contained within “WINCO2.WINCO” (WINCO is last fix in the SID), they expect you to have resources to see those fixes. HLYWD1 is the name of the STAR and the first fix of your STAR is ESTWD (Two Parts to this STAR [1] and continued [2].).


Wait so wouldn’t DCT be the first Waypoint of the normal plan then,

Well said Aceorbit. WINCO2 is simply a name for let’s call it a “grouping/cluster” of fixes. This cluster contains a pre-made route for aircraft to follow. The same applies to STARs. These too are clusters. Simply put, these two procedures are your on/off ramps that you would use while on a highway in your car. A SID will allow you to get onto a highway, this is your on ramp. The STAR will allow you to get off of a highway, this is your off ramp. They’re just organized chaos things. 😁

DCT = Direct

its not the name of a waypoint

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If the Sid ends at “WINCO2.WINCO” the next waypoint is DCT

DCT means “direct”, you are proceeding to a fix from fix without using a published airway. The things started with J and Y are followed by numbers are airways, like highways in the sky. Imagine that SIDs and STARs are on/off ramps for the “highways”. Sometimes you can go “offroading” in the form of “direct”.

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Wow how the pilots do this. Haha I have so many more questions but I don’t want to bother you guys, is there one of you that is open to answering a few more questions in a private message?

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PM-ed you.

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