Sick to death of trolls getting away and us genuine controllers having no power

What I’m about to say is in no way by any means me directing my anger at Infinite Flight admins but when on earth are you going to give controllers on the training server at least the power to ghost people who are being ******* I’m sick to death of going on tower and having a troll doing what the **** he wants and we just have to take it up the backside and get shafted, and don’t say go onto a different airport why should us controllers who are trying to practice for IFATC have no control over trolls and we have to move? I go to the busy airports so I can get experience of high traffic volumes what’s the good in me going to an airport that will get 1 inbound aircraft if that? Please can we at least consider given TS ATC at least power to remove these trolls from the map they’re just entering and taking off as they see fit when I have traffic on final and I’m sorry but I’m not sending a pilot on final round because someone is trolling and you aren’t willing to give us powers to do anything about it you guys ghost people on expert for it but we can’t do anything on training server about it, sorry for the rant I’m just sick of the same crap day in day out and starting to get frustrated about it.

Please can we at least consider giving some sort of power to report/ghost or something against these trolls it’s getting beyond a joke.



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Trolls exist everywhere. Plus, the training server is meant for people to learn the ropes. There’s also the risk of people abusing the report feature on TS; IFATC reports must be justified, and people who abuse the ability to report face consequences.

A tracking thread would be a good way for you to practice your skills and get decent pilots.



I am so sorry to hear this. It can be quite annoying. The only problem with giving controllers reporting powers is that some trolls can use that to completely remove people as jokes and ruin the server for others. Keep doing what you’re doing and I can’t wait to see you join us in IFATC someday!


Also, sometimes it’s the controller who is the troll.

But I do agree, it’s very annoting. I think there’s a feature request, hold on…
Edit: here it is


Most likely never. People on training sever are able to abuse the power and there is a lot more work that needs to be done.

I am very sorry for your experience this on training sever. I have been dealing with this as well, along with other people too. All mainly what I did was to ignore them that’s really all you can do. There are a lot of trolls training sever. I wish I could stop that, but I can not. work with your tracking thread and work towards IFATC and you’ll get there! Good luck!

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Thanks, sorry for the long winded post it’s just frustrating lol is their nothing we can do at least even get something added to be able to block them from contacting ATC but only if the system can see that they are ignoring ATC comms? taxiing onto runway for takeoff without instruction do to so etc

It is very annoying, thank you appreciate that and yes have had controller trolls before myself as a pilot also annoying lol

Hello Jason,

I understand and respect your concerns and frustration and I’m sorry that you’ve had to experience trolls whilst controlling.

As mentioned above, it is difficult for us to provide everyone with ghosting abilities on the Training Server as there is then the possibility of controllers trolling and reporting users for no reason and “just for fun”.

I strongly recommend that if you are practicing on the Training Server for IFATC, that you open at quieter airports and avoid the main hubs such as KLAX, KJFK, EGLL on the Training Server, and create an ATC Tracking Thread instead.

You can create an ATC Tracking Thread by following the tutorial linked below:

Hope this helps you out mate and don’t hesitate to let any of us know if you have any questions or concerns.


I definitely understand what you are feeling, I controlled on the Training Server for many months before becoming IFATC, it is indeed very annoying. I have a few suggestions:

  • Stay away from airports like KLAX and EGLL. Try and control at smaller airports, for trolls are much less likely to go to them

  • Use a tracking thread. You might already do this, but it is very helpful to train for IFATC.

  • Ignore the troll completely. This is the hardest option, it is very very hard to do this because trolls can get so annoying, but if you don’t send any messages and pretend the aircraft doesn’t exist and just resume operations. If you swipe on the aircraft banner on the top right of the screen, then the banner will disappear from your screen. The aircraft will still be tuned to your frequency, and clicking on them will make their banner appear on the top right once again. However, swiping the banner off your screen allows you to ignore the trolls easier.

Unfortunately, allowing ghosting on the training server is not an option, and you just have to work around it. There will always be challenges, and it is so very disheartening when people intentionally hinder hard work. Hope to see you in IFATC soon!

Safe flying!

There’s also the possibility of entering the training program to get the experience you need to join IFATC.

Othewise, Declan’s recommendation of a Tracking Thread is a good bet.

Wrong Link I think. This ATC in training can only be used if you are already in the IFATC recruiting process. Did you mean ATC In Training?

Hi yes I understand it’s just frustrating, I’ve got a tracking thread and am opening now thanks again,



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