Sick shots! #SpiritVirtual

I took these beautiful shots while cruising going to KEWR.

Which one was your favorite? πŸ‘‡

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  • All of them 😍

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@SpiritVirtualAirline 😍❀❀


Almost forgot… Heres the link to @SpiritVirtualAirline 's thread!

20 likes?? Lol πŸ˜‚

Amazing shots! I saw you there also :)

Nice! I also had about 4 others behind me with me going to KEWR.

Nice pics, Also I think I ran into you like 3 times yesterday:)

Really? When… Lol

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I landed at ORD first early in the morning
then did ORD-JAX
and took off from ORD to AMM at like 9pm ET

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I love them!

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Thank you :)

Thanks everyone for 25 likes πŸ’™

You gotta love that 28 inch seat pitch and pay bathrooms lol.

Anyhoo great pics

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