Sick Day Flying V2 | PAFA-PANC-PAJN-PAKT-KSEA-KSFO-KSAN | Alaska Airlines Flight

Hello community, after a long 7 hours and 16 minutes of flying, the coastal tour of the US west coast is done. I am still off school, so I had the whole day to fly.
Aircraft: Alaska Airlines 737-900
Server: Expert
Now for the photos

@N786ND and I holding short for the runway at PAFA. He took to long so I decided to hop ahead and take off.

We shortly arrived in Anchorage, lots of winds coming in there, difficult visual approach.

Next we were in Juneau, my favorite airport today.

After a very short flight we ended up in Ketchikan, this is the best approach, your stuck between mountains and a river.
image0 (12)
Here is the approach, you cant see the mountains off to the left as well though.
image1 (6)
N786ND missed the next leg to Seattle. Instead I met up with @VaMpCaRtI who took me down to San Francisco
image2 (4)
At SFO N786ND came back. His gf was taking photos so he couldn’t fly with me…
image3 (2)
I made an interesting Approach at KSAN, winds favored 09, I had never flown that runway before.
image0 (13)
We all met back up at KSAN to send it off for the night.

Screenshot 2023-03-10 174756
Our Full Route


Nice pics.

thank you. (ten)

Down the entire coast! Get well soon!

Once again another great day flying with you and vamp, thanks guys.

That’s pretty cool to just fly right down the west coast, I hope you enjoyed it! I always find it very rewarding to complete those long flights.

Yes, it was

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