Sichuan Airlines A350 (Panda Livery)

Screenshot_2019-04-12-11-26-05-1 This livery is beautiful and thats really all I have to say, I hope to see this in the update! I hope this isnt a duplicate, but I didnt find any requests for this. CREDITS FOR PICTURE GO TO Jujug Spotting

Voted. IF definitely needs to work on including more airlines in China. Only 4 out of many Chinese airlines have liveries on IF.


@BluePanda900 😘

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100% agree on that, I like Chinese liveries


It looks like busy livery

Love it! Sichuan Airlines A350 withe Panda Livery looks excellent. Have voted for you~

Thanks for voting!

The most symbolic livery of Sichuan Airlines. Love it!!!

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I love this livery

This livery has to be in IF when the A350 comes out. It’s just so colorful and vivid

I feel like there’s a small chance that this Livery will be in the update because there are other A350 liveries that are more of a priority but I’m still not losing hope!

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This is one of those liveries that I need to be on the A350

If this Livery does make the initial cut, I’ll flip a table out of joy… No! 2 Tables… Make it 3 Tables, Eating 1/4 of a Cake and I don’t know what else. Like this Livery is craaazy beautiful, and I would absolutely love to see this in Infinite Flight 🙌


I voted for this yesterday. The panda livery is sooo cool. Jason said yesterday that we have only seen a small part of the liveries. So we will be getting lots. Hope to see this one

I’m a little late but thank you all for voting!! Appreciate it v much!

Wow this livery is so colorful I absolutely love it! With the A350 around the corner I’m going to save my vote for now and see what happens. Nice request!

Wow this looks good!

Wow this looks good! one of the best liverys for the A359!


I agree, sad it didn’t get added

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I was just thinking about how IF should add this to the a350 too lol

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