SIA A350 visited YPPH (Photos)

Hi people of the IF community…

Yesterday (Wedsnesday) the SIA A350 visited YPPH (Perth)… This was great to see as perth has never experienced seeing it before. It landed at around 12 pm and later departed at 2:10 pm. The aircraft flew at 1500 FT along the Swan River to the coast…

Rego: 9V-SMK

I thought i would post some of my pictures i took yesterday!

(Please note: These pictures are not for commerical use etc, do not use them on ANY website! etc.)


I’m glad I went to T1!

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what do you mean? i dont understand?

oh you are in perth too, that is cool!

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I was able to get shots such as this! Since the river fly over was a let down for those who didn’t have high tech cameras. image

Photo Credit to ME


More A350 photos by ME



That’s good, shame I didn’t know it would exit that way

I’m envious now :( :(

SMK looks pretty especially with that water salute ❤

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Heard about this from one of my Perth mates. Great to see! Nice pictures @TheFlyingPankake @infiniteOwen!


thanks mate!!! the 350 is beautiful

yes, definetly! it looks pretty ;)

Thanks for sharing, all photographs are really good.

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