Shuttle America to cease operations

On January 31, 2017, Shuttle America will cease flight operations. All E170/E175 aircraft will transfer over to Republic Airlines. I feel kind of upset, but it’s pretty much worth it to save money for Shuttle America’s parent company Republic Airways Holdings. How do you feel about Shuttle America ending flights?


That’s sad, but it will be cool to see Republic Airlines grow.

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Another one disappears


Where’d you hear about this?

I saw it on Wikipedia and it stated that Shuttle America will end all its flights at the end of this month. Here’s a link to the website:

Isn’t Shuttle America the company who has a contract agreement with United Express and Delta Connection. I may have heard about it.


Yes. But United and Delta will transfer aircraft operated by Shuttle America to Republic Airlines.

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Oh ok then. Thought so.

It’s been changed. The info box said “Ceased Operations: January 31st 2017”. It can’t already have ceased operations on a date which has not yet occurred lol!

Shuttle America is ending all flights in 5 days.

abseloutley rubbish that is

2 days away from Shuttle America’s last flight.

Tomorrow is Shuttle America’s last flight.

there is no major news of this happening Ive searched throughout and even asked my uncle who works directly on contract agreements with regional airlines and i have NOT seen anything about this… So this is likely fake :)

I don’t know, but what I do know is that Shuttle America’s final flight happens tomorrow.
I’ve sent a link to the Shuttle America page on Wikipedia.

You have it all wrong, Republic Airways bought out shuttle america. Although its under RPA, its not “fully” ending as to like the United-Continental, Wikipedia has it screwed up. They are not ending its a partial and financial merger

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Just because it’s Wikipedia doesn’t mean it’s right, how did you know the same person who wrote up the article didn’t change the wiki as well?

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Wikipedia is a horrible source for that stuff. I would have gone too a more legit source


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