[SHUT DOWN] Team Turkey 🇹🇷 || IF Olympics

The IF Olympics are coming up! I have decided to create team Türkiye/Turkey! To join, shoot me a PM! You need to meet these requirements to join -

-Active Live subscription (Live or Live+)

-You must be willing to renew Live once it expires

-Grade 3 or over

-You must have access to all aircraft with the Turkish Airlines livery

-You MUST have extensive knowledge and experience flying aircraft in Infinite Flight

-You don’t have to be Turkish to join![/details]

We will communicate using PMs (I will invite you to the PM chat session once you have been accepted into the team)


  • @EmirK

Good luck!


Nice job bro, good luck from Team Australia!


Good luck to Team Australia as well!


I’ve changed your title to the English name, just so it is the same as all the other teams.

Also just realised I’m not supposed to do that :/

Good luck :)

// IFO Staff


All good. I was thinking about changing it to English anyways :)

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Looks really good, anyway good luck from team Ireland.

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Looks like a good team. Good luck from everyone at Team GB

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Good luck from Team USA!

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Good luck from Pictures Media News! 📸

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Good Luck from Team Canada buddy!

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People don’t have to be Turkish to join 👍 As long as you have passion!

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UPDATE: Team Turkey will shut down due to lack of members. Sorry guys :(

Ok. Well congratulations for trying. Team GB are still looking for one more member so you are free to join if you would like

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He’s taken… by team Australia! Muahahaha


Shut down