Showing Your Intentions while on the Ground

What plane features do you use to show your Intentions to other pilots?

Flash your Landing Lights = Give Way Signal?

Waving with plane Elevator = To tell one who is sniffing your plane’s APU to maintain a safe gap?

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I was not aware that such sign indications existed? Are these actual things people do in the sim? I have never done anything like this…so just curious. I know for sure these do not exist in real life.

I don’t use this. If I know someone I may flash my landing lights as a “hey!” But this isn’t actually used irl. If I want to give way I stay a good distance away so they know they have the right of way.


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This isn’t quite limited and I mainly use landing lights as a thank you sort of command!
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I know it sounds very unrealistic doing it but it does help me communicate with pilots I don’t know very well. I should be honest it doesn’t work 100% sometimes; I end up waiting for other pilots to make their move :)

MaxSez: Just another attempt at a pun which just distracts from the substance of this topic.

Please see the topic on the use of aircraft lights for the correct response.


(Info: @Usman_A)

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I always flash my landing lights when someone gives way to me as I pass them, just as a way of saying thank you. A bit like flashing your hazard lights in your car, though sadly I’ve never gotten a response back.


woooh new information,
will implement this from now on wards; good to know.

General rule of thumb ( based a lot on maritime law as much as anything else)

  1. Aircraft coming off a runway has right of way over other aircraft
  2. Aircraft on my right has right of way.

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