Showing terrain on in-flight map

I’m sorry if this is a repeat question. But is there any way you can get the terrain to show up on the in flight map just like when your ATC?

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Duplicate topic mate, please search before posting, the link is below:

Really sorry for this inconvenience, but add your idea into the existing topic! ;)

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I’m moving this to General as it is a question instead of a feature request :)

To answer your question, this isn’t possible at this moment, terrain map is only available for ATC.

Oh no. I thought it was a duplicate. Anyway, strike two and then strike three I’m out :X

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Don’t worry, it was in the wrong category anyway, thanks for tagging. We appreciate your help running this forum :)


At least that is comfort… Thankyou very much for considering me an essential part of this forum.


It would be cool, sure. But in real world pilots don’t have such a terrain map.

Yea but some have GPS which has the same thing