Showing runways with different wind conditions

Hi, I have noticed that sometimes the map shows certain airport runways in green and other in red but if your use the callout menu to request pushback, takeoff or landing your will notice the the runways are different than they are in the map, with a different wind/weather conditions. Even if the wind is calm, the map show all green runways but in the callout menu some red and some green if the airport has more one runway.

Me as a ATC it’s hard to tall a aircraft to taxi to the runways that appear green on the callout menu but for the aircraft the map shows runways with different colors so they won’t obey the assigned runway.

I don’t know if this is normal but I think there should appear one weather condition for both callout and in the map.

This is actually normal, sometimes the wind data is probably delayed a bit for the simulator, I recommend you to check the winds, this will help you to figure out what runway is probably on use, example: wind 320@10, for this case runway 32 is probably on use, I also recommended to check the airport METAR and TAF.

Hope this helps,
Victor :)

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So if the metar shows let’s say that wind is 260@10 then runway 26L/R would be the green one even if it appears red in the map?

Probably yes. it’ll be more appropriate if you land/takeoff on runway 26 (in this case)

So Is METAR accurate?

yes, the METAR is accurate, note that it may be a bit delayed in IF (a bit rare, but can happen), I’d recommend you to check in a real life site if possible.

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